05 1 / 2013

Yes, I dare ask the question, if the answer you know,

When this life is done and over, where do you think you will go?

It is silly to assume there’s nothing more than this earth,

Because then that would mean that we have to do something super important after our birth.

But what is so important to do in this world, if that’s the only place it will stay?

Man was made for immortality, because God made us that way.

Okay, so you don’t believe in God. I get it. It’s hard to believe something you can’t see.

But it’s harder to live in fear and without a purpose, and not know your place in eternity.

But one thing I know to be true, believe me or not, is that one day all of us will stand before God.

I’m not trying to scare you or convince you to believe.

I’m just asking a question, how will you choose to live?

Will you go on pretending that the voids in your heart will get filled up by stuff,

Or will you seek a deeper truth when stuff is just not enough?

When you’re ready for more than the things this world propositions,

Ask God for the wisdom and offer your petitions.

He’ll give you the answers, like he did for me.

Not only that, he will set you free. Yes, for eternity.

-Anya Frolova (1/5/2013) 

18 12 / 2012

It has been a while since I’ve posted here… but I’m back with some thoughts that need to be heard. 

Everyone has heard of the recent tragedy that happened in Connecticut a few short days ago. But everyone disagrees on the reasons for why this happened. Some blame it on loose gun control, others just think people are crazy. But I, for one, think it’s not guns that allow evil into this world, it is a lack of God in the world that allows evil.  

Yes, I might be biased that we need Christ because I have a personal relationship with God. But my reasons are pretty sound, and many other would agree with me. We are born into a sinful world, and the world changes us if we allow it to. I know personally, that when I do not have Christ in my life, I feel empty, lonely, and constantly trying to appease my happiness. But the voids we have in our hearts cannot be fulfilled with the things of this world. I’m positive that the 24 year old young man who shot those kids did not receive any fulfillment in doing so. And I also believe that his emptiness is what led to his own demise. 

We don’t just want God in our lives. We NEED him in our lives. We NEED more prayers. We NEED to be open to his love, so that events like this do not happen. 

What would make this world a better place is not more gun control, tighter security, and more “stuff” to fill our voids. What we need more of is God and his unending love… only then would there be less endings of innocent lives. 

05 6 / 2012




when you leave your three year old brother in your room with your mac. 

looooool, I love him. The cute thing he does with his hands AWWW

Yo, future husband. I want a baby like this. Insanely adorable - and hyper.

Because of this kid, I will marry a black man, have a son, and name him Romeo! :D TOO CUTE!!!

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22 5 / 2012


I’m tired and I’m weary. My mouth is too weak to speak.

I need to rest in You. Open my heart till it bleeds…

Bleeds tears made of gasoline, and set them on fire, 

Until I know without doubt You are the only thing my heart desires. 


I am blind. I am sick. I am covered in disease.

Physically, I run around like a bunch of bees.

Spritually, I should be down on my knees.

Mentally, I am just asking you please. 


Open to my heart to You and no one else,

Let me hear Your voice like the Sunday bells.

Humble my spirit, quiet my mind,

I surrender it all for I know You are kind.

- Anya Frolova (5/21/2012)

20 4 / 2012

My bellydance troupe recently held our last dance recital at George Fox. For the show, we decided to go all out and show our bellies (which is not something we normally do when performing at Fox). I just got this e-mail from one of my dancer girl’s friend who had sent it to her. It’s very encouraging and … quite a blessing to hear that I can be a blessing to others by sharing my passion with them! 

Here it is:

"Thank you for sharing your dancing last night.  I really enjoyed it and was
so impressed by how comfortable you all felt with your bodies.  The blonde
instructor really impressed me with her confidence and comfort in herself.
Watching her made me feel that she is giving women a gift by teaching that
class—a gift of knowing their inner beauty, which comes out as a presence
and has nothing to do with our false cultural notions of “good figures”..”

10 4 / 2012

Loving: DROOOOOL. I’ve always loved heels. Ever since I was like three. No seriously. When I was a little girl, I would walk down the streets of Russia with my mother, holding her hand, and I would sync my walk with hers… and then pretend that the clicking sound from her heels was actually mine. Even now, whenever I go into the shoe section at the store, I only really look at the heels. Even when I’m there for sneakers. Silly obsession I just became aware of after seeing these photos. 

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08 4 / 2012

I am a leaper. Yet He doesn’t see my spots.

I am an adulterer. Yet He cleanses my dirt.

I am a beggar. Yet He provides all I need.

I am a liar. Yet He knows the truth in my heart.

I am a hypocrite. Yet He shines His light in my life. 

I am foolish. Yet He still gives me His wisdom.

I am reckless. Yet He heals me. 

I am not worthy. Yet He died for my sins, and rose again to keep on loving me. 

06 4 / 2012

This seems to happen to me pretty often. I meet a person (many times men, young or old) and I feel like I have this instant connection with them. But it’s more than it being not awkward while in a conversation, it’s like I know their heart and I have met them before, when really they are just a stranger to me. I often wonder the reason of our meeting and my mind starts running wild with the possibilities of the possible purpose. 

Why is it that we meet some people and have these instant “yes, we click” moments, while with others it’s a constant battle of awkwardness? And why is it mostly in men that I find these companions? Could it be that I search for a father figure I never had/lost several times? Or maybe it’s just nature? 

Anyway. I normally don’t tell them about these instant connections, unless they mention it first. It’s happened more that a few times that I have met someone and they instantly thought they had known me forever also. 

I wonder what it is that makes us feel so close to some always, and so far away from others always. 

27 3 / 2012

He wants it all. But I am resisting. 

To lose control, means I’m actually listening.

I want His vision, want His will to be done.

But to let go of my wants could mean my plans to be gone. 

A greater purpose He holds, this I know to be true. 

But fear holds me back, and I don’t have a clue. Why?!

I seem so foolish when I think it through. 

Why don’t I just surrender and have my life renewed?! 

27 3 / 2012

Loving: this bed. I think this is my sister’s dream bed too. 

Loving: this bed. I think this is my sister’s dream bed too. 

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